Why and how to settle

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Is Belgium a good market for the fashion industry? Should I set my shop in this country? To consider and reflect about those issues can be the key when deciding whether to enter or not the Belgian market.

Belgium is a proper country to test your business model in the fashion industry. In the first place, it is a small country, which implies the existence of some advantages in the distribution and the logistics: it takes just 3 hours in train travel the country from north to south. Belgium has a 30.000 square kilometer area, something that can result residual if we compare it with the more than 80.000 square kilometers of the Andalusian region in Spain, as an example.

Similarly, the multiculturality and the multilingualism of Belgium make of it the ideal country to start an internationalization process. The style of our brand does not really matter, due to the heterogeneity of this country. The case of Brussels is even more special, where a third of its population is not from the Belgian nationality; a factor to consider when settling in Belgium.

As it is a country with three official languages (French, Dutch and a small German community) to begin with Belgium would make our way to other near markets easier, like the German or the strong French market. Thus, to penetrate in Belgium can result simple and provides us with better perspectives and results in the long run.

Moreover, as shown before, the fashion industry is in a mature condition, where a vast number of international brands is concentrated in Antwerp and Brussels. As an example, in Brussels we can find more than 200 international brands.

[invicta_heading primary_line=”How to settle in Belgium?”]

Thanks to the excellent situation of the market ant the importance and tradition of the fashion sector in Belgium, diverse organisms work together to confirm the country as a cutting-edge market in this industry.

The commercial development agency from the Brussels-Capital region Atrium.Brussels implements different services of which any company could benefit:

  1. Atrium explores the commercial tendencies of the city of Brussels. As an example, the new tendency of the pop-up stores.
  2. Atrium guides you on the election of the store, the business model, the choice of the neighborhood, etc.
  3. Lastly, Atrium can also be in charge of the promotion of the new store.


The Chamber can attend to any matter or procedure that you may need when installing in Belgium and/or Luxembourg: legal assistance, research of potential franchisees, commercial accompaniment, recruitment process, brand promotion, flight and accommodation planning, etc. In addition, we can contribute to strengthen your position and visibility of your brand thanks to our large contact network and the reputation that we have.


The spokesperson of the commerce and service sector in Belgium remains active in many sectors, including fashion. The Fashionable Circle, created in 2012, has been designed as a forum between the top representatives of the sector, in which strategic decisions are taken for its development. Comeos offers specific training about price indication, discounts, sales, promotional actions, labelling, etc.


Association of all active companies in Belgium in the fashion and clothing sector. Creamoda can be a stimulation and accompaniment in different levels: legal, social, international, economic and technological.


Agency for the entrepreneurship development in the region of Brussels Capital. The agency Impulse.Brussels provides you with a telephone line 1819 and the webpage impulse. brussels, aimed to every interested person in launching a project in Belgium. It also offers financial and strategic aids.


Fashion and design center in the region of Brussels-Capital. MAD.Brussels supports the designers and producers interested in launching a project in the capital and contributes to the development of the sector with seminars, events, personalized attention and publications of studies about fashion.


Development agency of the designers from Valonia and Brussels regarding fashion. One of their missions is the promotion of fashion internationally (participation in event halls, competitions, etc.) and counselling to designers who want to get their expansion project started.