This is how the new biggest Zara in the world looks like, defying El Corte Inglés in La Castellana

This is how the new biggest Zara in the world looks like, defying El Corte Inglés in La Castellana

Inditex opened last Friday in the Castellana street in Madrid the biggest Zara store in the world, with more than 6.000 square meters of eco-efficient surface, in the financial center of the capital and a few meters away from the biggest El Corte Inglés commercial center. Morgan Stanley assures that the online purchases of Inditex reach 9% already. The Galician giant started on September last year the works of this Zara, placed in the building previously owned by Fnac and Habitat, property of Amancio Ortega, who apart from being the founder of Inditex is also the landlord of the place.

The new store of the Inditex group, which has 180 workers, opts for the ecoefficiency, which is a priority for the company, since it has settled the objective of 100% of the stores of the group being environmentally sustainable and efficient in the resource consumption by 2020.

That way, the store in La Castellana uses 20% less electricity and 45% less water than the conventional ones, apart from supplying itself 100% by renewable energy, prioritizing the use of recycled and reutilized materials, with low energetic use, and locally supplied, while the interior is illuminated by led lights

Technological advances

The biggest Zara in the world incorporates technological advances such as the payment via mobile phone, 21 payment terminals, the radiofrequency idenrification (RFID), and a single monitor 15 meters long and 7 meters wide that screes the different collections. However, it has no virtual fitting rooms, which are being considered by the firm.

The store is distributed in four floors with diaphanous space in which women, men and kid collections are available. Taking advantage of the new opening in La Castellana, Zara has elaborated a special collection for Men and Kids, available in the store, as a reference to the city.

Last Friday, Inditex will also launch another “flagship”, with the opening of the Zara Opera in Paris, which will have a 4.000 square meter surface.

The company has the prevision of a 1.500-million-euro investment to continue with its investments focused on its sustainable growth, in technological advances and client oriented R&D, as well as the expansion of its eco-efficient stores, logistical modernization or the impulse of the collection and recycling of clothes, among other key aspects.

Inditex raised its sales a 20% in the last three years in Spain together with a global 6,2% growth in 2016, year in which it has created 2.480 new jobs in this market, according to Pablo Isla, the president of the group, who also stated that the company remains “very active” in this market, which represents the 17% of the total sales of the group.

Source: El Economista.