The world says “yes, I do” to the Spanish wedding fashion

The world says “yes, I do” to the Spanish wedding fashion

Quality, innovative design and craft are some of the distinguishing marks that have converted the Spanish wedding fashion into a world leader. After China, we are the second country which exports more wedding dresses. Statistics tell that almost seven to ten dresses drawn up in Spain go to brides of the five continents.

Pronovias is positioned on top of the wedding industry with a total turnover of 150,7 million euros in 2015. Another case of success and worldwide recognition is Rosa Clará: its turnover went up to 55 million euros in 2015.

The relevance of the wedding industry also leaves a footprint in international catwalks such as the Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week, the most important festival of the sector in Spain. This take place between the 25 and 30 April and there will be brands from 25 countries and it will greet buyers from 40 different nations.

The wedding industry is comprised of approximately 700 companies that activate 1.300 million euros per year; which, according to the report “Millenial Brides. Nacer en los 80’s, casarse hoy”, represents the 12,9% of the textile sector.

An international industry

In recent years, sector companies have focused on internationalization in order to avoid the crisis; and today, Spain is the second largest exporter of wedding dresses. Indeed, more than the 40% revenue of the wedding industry comes from exports. Europe is its main market with the presence of the 77% of the brands.

In order to carry out their internationalization, the vast majority of the companies (91%) have chosen the multi-brand formula. Thus, Pronovias is present in 105 countries with 4.000 points of sale. It also has logistics and distribution centers in Hong Kong, Brasil and the United States. On the other hand, Rosa Clará has more than 3.000 international customers and 150 own exclusive stores and under franchise.

Source: Marca España