Interview UNOde50

Interview UNOde50

“UNOde50, 20 years offering exclusivity”

Interview with José Azulay, President and Chief Creative Director.

Born in Madrid at the end of the nineties, UNOde50 was born as a response to the need to find a jewelry´s style that broke with everything that exist. A revolution where the techniques and processes of traditional jewelry were put at the service of a new way of doing things.

The first UNOde50 collections were made up of only 50 units of each design. The brand´s success led us to develop a commitment of quality and exclusivity. Currently, UNOde50 is still producing all its pieces classical handmade as if they were unique, having also, Limited Editions of 50 pieces in each collection.

Today, more than 20 years after, UNOde50 continues writing its history. The brand is present in more than 40 countries, in the big capitals of the world with more than 100 stores and 2,500 distribution points. This internalization is precisely what has led them to adapt the corporate image of the brand to facilitate the expansion and give a clearer message of its DNA.

José Azulay, President and Chief Creative Director since 1999, promoter of the brand´s philosophy, that was still manufacturing in Spain using handicraft despite the offers of purchase and the cheaper production in other countries.

After heading the expansion plan, Azulay tell us about the process of integration in Belgium.

The beginnings in Belgium

We opened our first store in October 2012. Belgium is a referent in the world of design and jewelry; therefore, a brand with our DNA could not be missing in this market.

“Establish a very disciplined structure: indispensable for a success expansion process”

From a family business to a multinational company

We moved from being a family company to being a multinational working with the best professionals in every area of the company, establishing processes and a very disciplined structure. The people who work for UNOde50 feel the same passion for the brand and its products which our customers, and that’s probably is our secret.

Design and Manufacture: Why in Spain?

After 20 years, UNOde50 still maintains its philosophy of design and manufacture each piece in Spain, specifically in Madrid. The absolute control of the quality and the handmade process of our jewels are part of the brand´s values, as well as the employment offer in our country.

Differences between Belgium consumer and Spanish consumer

Both, Belgian and Spanish consumers appreciate our unique design and the strength of our pieces. Belgium costumers buy specially jewels with pearls. UNOde50 uses, in addition to silver and gold, noble materials such as leather, handmade crystals, Swarovski crystals and pearls.

Spanish fashion in Belgium

As international Spanish company, we considered that we should give more visibility to the Spanish fashion in Belgium, since we are a country of creative people. There are endless examples of success in different areas such as art, music, architecture or fashion (Balenciaga or Rabanne).

“Spain is a country of creative people, not only in fashion, but also in art, architecture, music…”

Long-term openings

Regarding the short and long-term objectives, we have considered that because of the success of our store in Av. Toisor D´Or in Brussels we will continue developing in this country, since it is a reference of the design throughout the European continent.