Interview DICANNO

Interview DICANNO

D’Icanno, a Spanish prêt-à-porter brand promoting solidarity since its inception.

Interview with Perseveranda Mangue Nvono Nca, D’icanno’s designer and developer.

D’Icanno is the first Spanish fashion brand created with a will to combine passion for fashion and sophistication with the values of ethics and solidarity. Women’s fashion brand, the Dicanno woman is a modern woman whose elegance, chic and glamour are tempered by a sober style. All models are made of noble fabric such as silk, lace and raw cotton. Models are inspired by a multiplicity of influences, representing an open-minded woman.

At the same time as the month of fashion in Brussels, we interview Perseveranda Mangue Nvono Nca, Dicanno’s designer and developer.

Since you were a child you were passionate about fashion and design, you always dreamed of dressing a self-confident woman with values. When did you decide to set up your own fashion brand?

My passion for fashion started since I was a little child, so I was always sure that my job should be related with this sector. My first design was my own wedding dress. This experience encouraged me to launch one first collection of maid of honor dresses, and afterwards, supported by my family, I started my studies of design. My passion and the firm belief that I could do it, drove me to take the decision of creating my own brand.

Your creations have the influence of the films noir of the 40’s and 50’s or the old vampire films, where everything was darkness, but brimming with strong glamour at the same time. What is the profile of a D’Icanno customer?

In fact, Dicanno designs to transport the woman from that iconic and dark world to a full of light, lively reality. Any woman who feels free and confident can be dressed with this brand. Through our designs, we try to transmit the brand identity where she shows the shape of a strong woman ready to enjoy living and who does not want to be unnoticed.


Where does your brand currently distribute its collections?
D’Icanno’s brand is distributed across the world though their online shop So far, we have focused on the promotion of the brand mainly in Spain, due to the fact that D’Icanno is a Spanish brand, and Belgium, where it was officially presented.

Besides having your own fashion brand, you are the president of the humanitarian aid association of Solidaritynnm, how do you play both roles?

When you work in what you like is easy to achieve everything you intend to do. I could say fashion and humanitarian aid are my two passions. Solidaritynnm is a non-profit association, whose main objective is to work for human development and provide support to the neediest population areas. For that, the association is working on gathering funds, thanks to the organization of events, seminars and all types of activities, in order to finance humanitarian projects over the world. Likewise, we try to raise awareness in the society of problems like human rights, rape, abuses, schooling, racism, epidemics, natural catastrophes etc. For every purchase realized in D’icanno, a percentage is addressed to humanitarian aid in which Solidaritynnm takes part. All in all, I feel privileged to be in charge of D’icanno and Solidaritynnm, and achieve the complementation of both.

Do you think being a woman and an entrepreneur at the same time in Europe is easier than in Africa?
It is true that African and European cultures are different, but we are all alike, so independently of your origin, a woman can achieve what she wants in every continent of the world.

What are the next challenges for the firm?
Every designer has its own personality, and in this sense, I don’t try to compete with nobody. The main challenge of D’icanno could be defined in a word: “recognition”, and I would like to make that possible not just because of our exclusive designs, but for the objectives we pursue; financing solidarity, job creation, sustainable development by using ethical and renewable sources, and preparing workshops about these topics.

D’icanno recently joined the Chamber, what benefits are you receiving from being a part of it?
As we are talking about a Spanish firm, I consider that nobody better that the Chamber to provide the credibility and visibility need for of a new firm. We are new in this world so we need the best agents to help us to position ourselves. I believe the Chamber can be very useful for us because it has a background of many years and it is one of the best partners we can count on.

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