How and why open a pop-up store in Brussels

How and why open a pop-up store in Brussels

The Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and Luxembourg took part in 28th October in Brussels in the conference organized by Atrium.Brussels (Commercial agency for the Brussels-Capital region) about how and why to open a pop-up store in the city.

Due to the growing tendency of this type of ephemeral commerce, Atrium has elaborated a research in which some keys for the success of a pop-up store are offered. Specifically, the L’Auberge Espagnole project, launched in Etterbeek in May 2016, has permitted the results of the research and to communicate them to the attendees of this event.

In the first part of the conference, Arnaud Tixex, CEO of Atrium.Brussels, explained the reasons of the growth of this new business model. On the one side, the change in the behavior of the consumer: it has become more demanding, searching for unusual and unique products at a time. In the other, the idea of a pop-up store is equally useful for the retailer, who can test his business idea reducing risks.

During the second part of the conference pop-up store owners from Brussels gave speeches about their experiences, and gave advice to future retailers. All of them insisted on the necessary initial preparation to open a pop-up store.

The Commercial Director from Atrium.Brussels, Julien Bacq, highlighted during his speech the need to identify with the spirit of your neighborhood and to maintain a strong link with it when opening a pop-up store. According to him, this shops modernize the districts, but they should also keep their essence.

Flore Frédéric, Project Manager in Atrium.Brussels, was the next speaker. He presented the research from Atrium and commented the most important factors to consider when opening a pop-up store. Among them, defining the business profile and to determine the duration and the purpose of the store were essential. Likewise, Frédéric focused on three key actions for success: determining the flow and frequency of people, the needs of the objective district and the rental expenses that need to be faced. Finally, he also emphasized in the relevance of the promotion and the communication of the store, as well as the administrative proceedings required.

The event ended with a round of questions where the attendees could ask about their issues to Frédéric. The speaker responded in detail and highlighted the importance of creating a Google+ community to make contacts between retailers and owners. Also, he put the stress in Atrium as a local consulting entity in all the stages of the setting up process of a pop-up store in Brussels.