Fashback Festival – Brussels 100% Vintage

Fashback Festival – Brussels 100% Vintage

Date: event expected on May 2017.

Date and program susceptible of modification.

Direction: Brussels Expo, Palais 10


1020 Bruselas


Vintage is trendy. Half of a century (1950-2000) revives in design, looks and fashion. We will experience it in Brussels Expo, in May.

Retrorama presents Flashback Festival, the most important vintage festival in Europe.



Flashback Festival 

This year, Retrorama will enrich your vintage experience with an authentic music festival which will take place in the esplanade, in front of Palace 5.

Not only the program has count with live music from artists and legendary groups; but also a great selection of vintage artists, such as Chris de Burgh, Brigitte, Murray Head, Imagination feat Leee John, The Temptations Rev Feat Dennis Edwads and many others.


Giant Vintage Market

Vintage dress code, haute couture looks, design furniture, jukebox, DJ, 33 vinyle tours, Arcade game, a unique offer of ancient games and a dance floor with stakes. Holding it all together to live the 50s and 80s in a vintage market of 15.000m2. Retrorama is the vintage party!


Source: Bruselas/Valonia