“COMMITTED”: The new ECO-FRIENDLY Collection by Mango

“COMMITTED”: The new ECO-FRIENDLY Collection by Mango

The influent Spanish Brand, Mango, was settled in Belgium in 1997. With these 20 years of experience, Mango is already a referent in Belgian fashion.

Since several years, Mango has been trying to implement an eco-friendly fashion; and it is indeed developing it with the launch of its Take Action project, in which its collection “Committed” involves one of the first 100% eco-friendly collections in the fashion industry.

100% eco-friendly fashion

The main objective of Take Action is to reduce the environmental impact putting together a maximum of actions in the manufacturing process. The brand organizes regularly a collection of second-hand clothes (like its Swedish counterpart H&M), in collaboration with Koopera. Furthermore, Mango is investing in the development of a tool which will enable them to calculate their ecological footprint; in order to manufacture their clothes with the less number of resources possible.

The “Committed” collection is naturally introduced in this project designing clothes from more environmentally friendly raw material.

sweet and purified

Composed by 25 feminine pieces and 20 masculine pieces, this new line is produced essentially with organic and recycled cotton, and recycled polyester. The used dyes are certified as “low environmental impact”. That is the reason why the colors of the collection are very sweet and natural. The manufacturing process has been executed in Portugal, Morocco and Turkey.

The collection “Committed” will be available in the brand’s website and in the physical Mango stores in March.

Source: “GAEL”.