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Located in the heart of Europe, the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg might be one of the smallest European countries but is also one of the most cosmopolitan. Geographically, it has boarders with Germany, Belgium and France.

Acting as an international financial place, it has built a solid reputation for its highly innovative skills for numerous companies, representation of European Institutions, great multicultural diversity and quality of life.

The City of Luxembourg has become well-known for the diversity of its retail environment. It offers a truly unique product-mix, present throughout the city centre and the Central station areas. All of these multifaceted options add value to retailers and consumers alike.

The numerous rattails shops from the Ville Haute and Central Station undoubtedly act as one of the fundamental pillars of attractiveness of the Luxemburgish capital.

Neighborhoods (Principal commercial areas):

In the following image, we can find the principal commercial areas of Luxembourg.

Luxembourg-city is a capital of human sizing where it is very easy to move from one area to another, making shopping so much easier. The majority of shops are concentrated in the 3 main areas:

  • Centre: Also known as Ville-Haute, it has a wonderful pedestrian area. Walk along the most prestigious shopping streets while discovering historical sites and cultural attractions in the city.
  • Gare: It is a lively multicultural district with new developments, close to Bonnevoie and Hollerich, which are other residential areas with various restaurants and concert halls.
  • Kirchberg: In constant turmoil, the financial district is notorious for the futuristic façades of its towers, housing corporate headquarters as well as many European institutions together with high-level cultural sites.

The two most attractive shopping areas in the capital are Center and Gare, where all the international fashion brands are located. Both are in the center. Generally, and although there are also commercial centers where the main brands are present, the Luxembourg population prefers to go shopping on the spacious and quiet shopping streets of the city center situated in a natural environment and surrounded by exceptional architecture, because of that the concentration of businesses in these two areas is so great. In conclusion, Luxembourg offers a splendid setting for shopping in a relaxed and safe way.

Luxembourg City has other outlying districts, all very close to the city centre (Limpertsberg, Grund, Rives du Clausen, Gasperich…)

In addition the country has different activities to boost trade, such as the Sunday shopping & vide -greniers; And the traditional Mantelsonnden, which consists of opening all the shops of the center on the Sunday before All Saints.