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Those are the most attractive areas to establish in the capital:

Region of Brussels-Capital

The capital of the country has a large quantity of commercial areas highlighting 6 clue points in the commercial panoramic of Brussels:

  1. Neuve Street: Neuve Street, in the city-centre of Brussels, is the commercial street par excellence. It is the most frequented pedestrian street of the city. In Neuve Street you can find almost all Spanish brands which are present in Belgium: Zara, Pull & Bear, Berhska, Mango, Springfield, Massimo Dutti o Women’s Secret.
    Neuve Street is in turn divided in three areas: Neuve Street, City 2 and Passage du Nord. The limelight of Neuve Street as the commercial motor of the city is undoubtable.
    The shopping centre City 2, which has inside the Gallery Inno, is perceived in a different way by the consumers: the centre offers a more various range of shops as well as more dynamism and originality in terms of organizing events (gastronomy week, Christmas decoration, light and sound spectacles, etc.).
    Finally, the gallery Passage du Nord is dressed with a distinctive character. Shops are more exclusive, in addition to the traditional bars and terraces.
    Ultimately, it could be said that Neuve Street is the most visited pedestrian area of the whole country, including the principal international brands as well as the shopping centre City 2, the biggest urban shopping centre of the country.
  1. Fripiers Street: located between the Grand Place and Neuve Street, Fripiers Street, offers a more intimate and relaxed ambience. In this street, you can find more independent shops which look for the exclusivity without getting away from the mass market par excellence.
    Fripiers Street is the second pedestrian Street most visited in Brussels, after Neuve Street, reaching a traffic of 26.856 pedestrians per day. Within the Spanish industry, in this street you can find Camper Shoes or Pikolinos.
  1. Dansaert Street: Dansaert Street, also located in the centre of Brussels at just 800 meters from the Grand Place, is the home of designers and producers. Thus, they get away from the mass market in the city-centre and with a more avant-garde ambience.
  1. Toison d’Or Avenue: Toison d’Or Avenue embraces a more exclusive public and premium brands. In this avenue, we can find brands like Massimo Dutti or Desigual.
  1. Louise Avenue: Louise Avenue is the most exclusive area of Brussels, which embraces the most select public and it has the shops with the better reputation. Nevertheless, you can also find different styles for different purchasing powers. In this avenue, you can find Zara Home or Pull & Bear. We must also highlight the Place Stephanie, very close to Louise Avenue, where you can find the shop Pronovias.
  1. Ixelles road: In the same area as Louise Avenue and laToison d’Or Avenue there is Ixelles Road, focused again on the mass public but not so busy as Neuve Street. You can find several Spanish brands like Zara, Bershka or Mango.

Finally, it should be pointed that in addition to City2, Brussels has other very famous shopping centre in the area.

  • Docks Bruxsel. Docks Bruxsel is a Shopping District that guarantees a unique urban experience combining leisure activities with shops, food, culture and entertainment. With more than 110 stores and restaurants, eight cinema screens, a dedicated events venue and an innovative indoor entertainment concept, the Shopping District is packed full of unique, diverse facilities. We could find it in Boulevard Lambermont 1.
  • Woluwe Shopping Centre. Located in Rue Saint-Lambert 200, Woluwe Shopping Centre offers you a variety of services, including more than 130 prestigious shops and different restaurants that make you have a truly pleasurable experience.